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Television Appearances

Bitcoin expert reveals 'glaring red flag' (11/14/22): "On the eve of the #FTX collapse, Bitcoin Magazine Pro® alerted its 17,000 users of the risk of holding funds on that platform." - FOX Business

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2020 was an inflection point for Bitcoin: Expert (8/4/22): “Bitcoin Magazine head of market research Dylan LeClair provides insight on investing in cryptocurrency and reacts to the San Francisco Fed president's controversial inflation comments” - FOX Business

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Podcast Appearances

Dylan LeClair went on “Bitcoin Fundamentals” with Preston Pysh to talk about AI, the current market conditions for Bitcoin on-chain analytics, and other macro news.

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Dylan LeClair visits “What Bitcoin Did” with Peter McCormack to discuss the 2022 carnage in crypto that’s bleeding into 2023. They talk about the clear signs of Ponzi schemes, the lost fortunes of crypto billionaires and how bitcoin regains its footing in the market.

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Dylan LeClair joins “Bitcoin Fundamentals” with Preston Pysh for a conversation about how many exchanges and counterparties were running fractional reserve Ponzi schemes in the crypto space. Dylan explains why Bitcoin is not crypto.

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Dylan LeClair sat down with Saifedean Ammous for an in-depth discussion of the many red flags and structural problems with Luna/UST, Three Arrows Capital, Celsius, BlockFi, FTX and Genesis. The episode concludes with Dylan's view on the bond market, how he successfully predicted the recent crash in bonds, and expectations are for the future of the market.

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  • Dylan LeClair - Head of Market Research

    Dylan is Head of Market Research for Bitcoin Magazine Pro® serves as Senior Analyst for investment firm UTXO Management and is the founder of 21stParadigm.com.

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  • Sam J. Rule - Lead Analyst


    Sam is Lead Analyst for Bitcoin Magazine Pro® and serves as Associate Analyst for investment firm UTXO management.

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Bitcoin Magazine Pro® publishes in-depth research on bitcoin & traditional financial markets. Our team of experts covers macroeconomics, on-chain data, derivatives markets, the bitcoin mining industry & more to unpack the most important market trends.